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09:30 Get Together & Registration
Tutorial 10:00 FIB preparation of lamellae on chips for in-situ TEM and other techniques – J. Reuteler (download tutorial (PDF)) download abstract
12:00 LUNCH
Session n°1 Talk 1 13:00 Tungsten based SQUID Nanofabrication by means of Focused Ion Beam Induced Deposition – F. Sigloch download abstract
Talk 2 13:25 Comparing Contrast in nano-CT and FIB/SEM Tomography of an Al Cast Alloy – A Correlative Microscopy Study – C. Pauly download abstract
Exi 1 13:50 Explore unlimited process pathways for FIB nanopatterning and ion imaging using VELION – T. Richter (Raith) download abstract
Talk 3 14:15 3D Nanoprinting of Electrical AFM Nanoprobes – L. M. Seewald download abstract
Session n°2 Inv 1 15:30 Manipulation and Study of Antiferromagnetic Order Enabled by Focused Ion Beam Fabrication – S. Haley download abstract
Talk 4 16:05 Backside FIB/SEM analysis strategy to identify a new failure mode at an automotive magnetic sensor device – M. Simon-Najasek download abstract
Exi 2 16:30 in situ Force Measurements – the FIB/SEM as a Mechanical Characterization Tool – A.J. Smith (Kleindiek) download abstract
Talk 5 16:55 Development and SEM integration of the Nano Aperture Ion Source – M.L. Simons download abstract
Exi 3 17:20 Extending microstructure characterization from nm to mm scale using the latest multiple ion species plasma FIB integrated with femtosecond laser. – M. Wu (Thermo-Fisher) download abstract
17:45 Food Truck + beers + posters


08:30 Get Together
Session n°3 Talk 6 09:00 The patterning toolbox FIB-o-mat: Exploiting the full potential of focused ion beams for nanofabrication – K. Höflich download abstract
Inv 2 09:25 Focused Ion Beam Induced Strain Generation in Silicon Membranes – D. Cox download abstract
Exi 4 10:00 Two Microscopes are better than One – In-situ Correlative Analysis by combination of AFM, SEM, and FIB
– H. Frerichs (Quantum Design) download abstract
Session n°4 Talk 7 11:00 Direct-Write 3D Nanoprinting of High-Resolution Magnetic Force Microscopy Nanoprobes – M. Brugger-Hatzl download abstract
Inv 3 11:25 Using the Helium Ion Microscope for Imaging and Modification of Nanostructures, 2D Materials, and SARS-CoV-2 infected Cells – Armin Gölzhäuser download abstract
Exi 5 12:00 Next chapter in Nanoprototyping in the new generation of FIBSEM systems – Miloš Hrabovský (Tescan)
12:30 LUNCH + Discussions
Session n°5 Talk 8 14:00 Sample preparation and analysis of LLZO ceramics for solid state batteries with Cryo FIB/SEM and aberration corrected analytical STEM – C. J. Burkhardt download abstract
Talk 9 14:25 Helium ion microscopy and sectioning of Spider Silk – J. Fiutowski download abstract
Inv 4 14:50 Best Practices for Xe PFIB Preparation of Materials for Transmission Electron Microscopy – S. Vitale download abstract
Exi 6 15:25 New Applications in Energy Research Enabled by a Triple Beam, Dual Chamber FIB with Isotropic Tomographic Voxels – B. Tordoff (Zeiss) download abstract
Talk 10 15:50 Application of FIB-TOF-SIMS for 3D high-resolution chemical characterization of Li-ion solid-state batteries – A. Priebe download abstract
18:30 Meet at Rickmer Rickmers for Conference Dinner


08:30 Get Together
Session n°6 Talk 11 09:00 On demand spatially controlled fabrication of single photon emitters in Si – G. Hlawacek download abstract
Inv 5 09:25 Magnetic patterning using Ne, Co, and Dy FIB – K. Lenz download abstract
Exi 7 10:00 TOFWERK – fibTOF: The strength of SIMS capabilities on FIB-SEM microscopes – L. Pillatsch download abstract
Session n°7 Talk 12 11:00 Positioned generation of luminescence defects in 2D materials by helium ion beams – A. Hötger download abstract
Talk 13 11:25 Fabrication of microstructured devices for grain boundary investigations in unconventional superconductor CeCoIn5 – S. Mishra download abstract
Talk 14 11:50 Exploring Layered Conductors by 3D FIB micro-machining – C. Putzke download abstract
Talk 15 12:15 Investigation of the Interaction of a Ga+ Focused Ion Beam with Zirconia by Electron Backscatter Diffraction – N. Brachhold download abstract


Invited Speakers


David Cox    | University of Surrey | United Kingdom
“Focused Ion Beam Induced Strain Generation in Silicon Membranes”

Armin Gölzhäuser    | University of Bielefeld | Germany

Shannon Haley    | University of California, Berkeley | United States
“Manipulation and Study of Antiferromagnetic Order Enabled by Focused Ion Beam Fabrication”

Kilian Lenz   | Helmholtz Zetnrum Dresden Rossendorf | Germany
“Magnetic patterning using Ne, Co, and Dy FIB”

Suzy Vitale   | Carnegie Institution for Science  | United States
“Best Practices for Xe PFIB Preparation of Materials for Transmission Electron Microscopy”


Invited Tutorial

Joakim Reuteler    | ETH Zürich | Switzerland
“Tutorial: FIB preparation of lamellae on chips for in-situ TEM and other techniques”
download tutorial (PDF)

Posters: (presenting author, title) download all poster abstracts


Braun et al. – Focused Ion Beam Induced Nanoscale Phase Transitions in Layered Structures download abstract

Elyas et al. – The Manufacture of van der Waals Heterostructures Using He Ion Beam Patterning download abstract

Gotszalk et al. – High throughput tips manufacturing for active piezocantilevers with xenon ion beam with mass control download abstract

Guo et al. – Crystalline anisotropic curtaining effect in Bismuth download abstract

Hunter et al. – Micromachined samples for uniaxial strain studies with laser-ARPES download abstract

Kreps et al. – In-situ sample preparation of oxidizing and contaminating samples for high quality EDS and WDS quantification using FIB-SEM download abstract

Leissner et al. – Dual focused ion beam nanofabrication of V-grooves in monocrystalline gold for efficient excitation of organic single photon emitters download abstract

Nadzeyka et al. – Novel FIB nanofabrication strategies facilitated by light and heavy ions from GaBiLi Liquid Metal Alloy Ion Sources download abstract

Neupane et al. – Effect of Focused Helium-ion Beam on Surface Morphology of Polypropylene Thin-films for Power Capacitors download abstract

Smith et al. – Fault Localization in FIB/SEM – combining delayering and EBAC into a cohesive workflow download abstract

Vinograd et al. – Second order Zeeman interaction and ferroquadrupolar order in TmVO4 download abstract

Weitzer et al. – Using Electron Beam Curing (EBC) for the Controlled Bending of 3D-Nanoprinted FEBID Structures download abstract

Weitzer et al. – High-Precision 3D-Nanoprinting for Sheet-like Structures via FEBID download abstract

Winiarski – Correlative Microscopy for Aviation and Aerospace download abstract

Winiarski et al. – Plasma FIB spin milling hastens battery research download abstract

Winiarski et al. – Plasma FIB-SEM-based Kintsugi Imaging for Battery Electrodes download abstract

Winkler et al. – The FIB as 3D Nanoprinter – Overview of the Activities in Graz download abstract