Campus Science Center

Franz Grill Straße 9

1030 Vienna


We recommend a hotel near the main railway station (Wien – Hauptbahnhof). We have reserved rooms at “B&B Hotel Wien Hauptbahnhof” at a rate of €61,-, meant mainly for students. This offer is valid through August 30 if reservation is made by email <>quoting the code word “fit4nano”. As slightly higher but still reasonably priced alternatives we recommend “Motel One Wien-Hauptbahnhof”, “Hotel Zeitgeist Vienna Hauptbahnhof” and “Hotel Schani Wien”.

Getting to the hotel

The recommended hotels are located south of the Vienna main railway station. They are within easy walking distance. For those arriving by plane, there are various options for getting from the airport to the main railway station, see

The most convenient connections, apart from taking a taxi, are by Vienna Airport Lines (bus) or by Railjet (train). For the bus connections, see, line VAL 1; pay on the bus, travel time is 25 min. For the Railjet connections, go to, fill in “From: Flughafen Wien, To: Wien Hbf.
Get the ticket from the ticket machine before you enter the platform. Travel time is 15-24 min. Both connections are direct without intermediate stop.

Getting to the conference location

Take bus 69A to stop “Lilienthalgasse” (pink line on map, travel time 3-8 min), from there it is just a 3 min walk to TU Wien Science Center (blue line). Tickets cannot be purchased on the bus. Tickets are available online (, in a Wiener Linien ticket center (e.g. near the U1 subway station Hauptbahnhof), or in most Viennese tobacconist’s shops.

Alternatively you may take a ~20 min walk to TU Wien Science Center (two options, blue lines). Don’t trust Google maps as regards pedestrian connections in this area.