The EuFN workshop 2020 will take place in Wrocław University of Science and Technology (WUST), Wrocław, Poland.

Wrocław University of Science and Technology,

ul. Zygmunta Janiszewskiego 8

50-372 Wrocław,

Building D-20,

Welcome to Wrocław – The meeting place, European capital of culture in 2016, the Venice of the north. All these sites in one town in the middle of Europe. Wrocław is this Polish town which has been under a multinational influence for ages. Here crossed the historical trade routes: the Amber Road and Via Regia. Now, this is one of the most important scientific centres of Poland, where almost 20 % of the inhabitants are students. Not only do they give a vital power to the city, but are also the source of workforce for leading international companies such as 3M, Comarch, Credit Suisse, LG, Nokia, UBS and many, many others.

Here, this year we will have an opportunity to meet and discuss micro- and nanotechnology related FIB techniques. In one of the most innovative universities in Poland, and the largest university of science and technology in Lower Silesia.

How to get to Wroclaw:


GPS: 51°06’37.2″N, 17°03’33.7″E

Wrocław is situated close to the A4 and A8/S8 highway. Please note, that in the venue area there isn’t car parks. Nevertheless, there are parking places along the streets, which has to be paid in dependence of how many hours do you want to stay  (1st hour – 2 zl, 2nd hour – 2.1 zl, 3rd hour – 2.2 zl, 4th and next hour – 2 zl/h).

Please note, that close to the paid parking places there are WrUST parking places, which are for free. For that reason be careful, where do you park.

From the train station (Wrocław Główny)

Direct trains to Wrocław are from all the biggest cities in Poland. The nearest cities are Katowice, Łódź, Poznań. From the train station you can get to the venue by:

TAXI: approx. 15 mins (Partner Taxi (+48 71) 19627, +48 519 542 911; Taxi-Plus +48 601 711 058, +48 602 647 555; cost ~20 zl)

TRAM: 0L (direction DW. NADODRZE)
BUS: 145 (direction SĘPOLNO) or 146 (direction BARTOSZOWICE)

TRAIN timetable –

From the Wrocław airport (

TAXI: approx. 1h (Partner Taxi (+48 71) 19627, +48 519 542 911;  Taxi-Plus +48 601 711 058, +48 602 647 555; cost ~75zł, official airport service)
BUS: 106 (direction DWORCOWA) to the end stop then one of the following: 145 (direction SĘPOLNO), 146 (direction BARTOSZOWICE), 149 (direction PL. GRUNWALDZKI)

For public transport info, please follow the link:

Timetable [PL]:

Public transport schematic: